I’m famous, thanks to a dog


You guys. Hugely important announcement that today I was featured on Chewie the Labradoodle’s instagram, hereby making me instafamous to Chewie’s 77 followers. I’ll now be wearing large sunglasses while indoors, and wrapping a scarf around my head for elegant privacy from the paparazzi.


(^^ Get in line, gentlemen.)

I need to express another really important sentiment: dogs are the best office decoration. My current company loves dogs, and my corner is absolutely LOADED. 


Babe alert, right? That’s Fiji. She (like her mommy, Natalie) is an absolute dream. No, not a husky. An Alaskan Klee Kai. Natalie gets stopped about 4937474x a day with questions about what kind of dog Fiji is, soooo… Learning.  

There are also MEGA Labradoodles here. Two of them are TWINSIES and I my heart bursts a little every time they look at me.  


(Photo courtesy of Chewie’s instagram: @chewiethelabradoodle)

What kind of pet(s) do you all have? 

Instagram, anyone?

– I’m @instadelz

– my cat is @dapperfitz and he is so studly

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