When you finally figure out how to wear something 

A few months ago I went from a business casual environment to a totally flat out casual workplace. I was SO LOST in the wardrobe department. I showed up in a dressy top and black jeans with conservative flats, and I felt like my mother (love you, Pam!). 

Somewhere around the two-month mark, I got it. No more weird baggy casual clothes or the default running-tights-plus-long-top deal. And, for the first time EVER, I think I know how to rock the fashion sneaker. 



Honestly (< why do I clarify that I’m being honest? Why would I lie about my casual clothes?), I wore these sick sneakz with a pair of ripped up J Brand jeans (jeanz?) and a light/gold accented tee, plus a buttery brown leather jacket I got in Italy (#brag). It was ok, and I didn’t feel like DJ Pammy P (which is, HONEST TO GOODNESS, what I sometimes call my mother). 


In other news, let’s talk about tea. I hate it. 

I drink Kombucha (my office has GT’s Gingerade and that was my favorite anyway, along with Trilogy) and that’s FERMENTED tea, but in my mind it’s way closer to some weirdly beneficial alcohol. It’s got that feel, ya know?

But the only tea I ever drink is mint, because sometimes I’m freezing and need something warm. I absolutely ABHOR green tea. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever tasted. It makes my mouth feel dry like eating cooked plain spinach. Can someone tell me a way to consume (decaf) green tea that won’t make me die a little inside?

Back to a more pleasant topic:


My boy is the biggest stud. In case you haven’t had the extreme pleasure of meeting him, this is Fitzgerald, my dapper bowtie boy. Every day I feel hashtag blessed that I got a cute kitty and not one of those … less cute cats. You know, the ones that are all business and no fluff? Short hair, severe snout area. Fitz is a MF-in’ work of art. 

Any competitively cute pets out there?

Green tea drinkers, HOW DO YOU DO IT?

Casual dressing tips? (Still haven’t perfected it.)

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    1. But seriously. Stud and a half, right?! He has his own instagram too (@dapperfitz). If you have one too, let’s follow each other!! 😸

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