Running with runners, and running silently

I’m really new to the Bay Area (under 5 months!) so in my effort to integrate, I joined a running club. Amazingly, these immediately became my people. 

That’s the cool thing about runners. Maybe it’s that sort of Stockholm Syndrome effect where you go through something difficult together and it bonds you inexplicably. (I’m sure there’s a term more specific to captive-captive bonding, as opposed to Stockholm Syndrome which is captive-captor bonding… Does anyone know?) In any case, I fell in love with a bunch of people who are willing to do the New Jersey Camera Point even after a run. 


(I am still super proud of my generosity for taking the photo instead of being in it. Just kidding, #strategic because I was still super sweaty and red.)

I run by myself far more often than I go with others though — mostly due to scheduling. Today I got a taste of desert beauty. 


Terrible photo because I DONT STOP FOR NO PICTURE! But you get the gist. 9 miles of palm trees today… Followed immediately by this:


Y’know, for Easter. This was at one of the classic desert restaurants, Las Casuelas Nuevas in Rancho Mirage, CA. It was perfect but given that I had just run 9 miles I sucked it down in three sips. 

This weekend was absolutely filled with food, by the way. SO MUCH FOOD. Easter brunch at Roy’s (like the Hawaiian fusion place) was surprisingly delightful with brioche sticky buns, ramen, and pork belly with eggs. And time in the pool was accompanied by “sangria”:


That was my cup btw. Just kidding! Ps: I’m pretending I’m making a huge feminist statement by posting this picture. I am a feminist, but maybe this picture is just a picture of a woman and a pitcher of white wine and a floating pineapple cooler? Maybe we should be more concerned that I didn’t properly use the pineapple as a drink cooler and holder? What do you think? #NoThighGapGate2015 #Scandal 

I also chose to make sure today’s mileage did not burn enough calories to compensate for my massive food enjoyment, so we went to Rita’s Italian Ice/Custard shop in La Quinta. JUST ATE THE WHOLE PLACE OUT OF BUSINESS, DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT. 


I don’t know how I will return to normal food. I eat a lot of salads at work. Will my tastebuds even accept the non-sugar? If you see me pacing and shaking, looking for a sugar fix, PLEASE SEND HELP.  

What did you do for Easter?

Any feminists out there? Duh, of course there are! 

Best thing you ate this weekend? Extreme detail needed. 

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