I love 30 Rock, upscale athleticwear, and stay-cation tourism, and I’m only a little embarrassed about it



Are you hooked already? Do you want to know all the secrets?


Primarily, the key to the amazification of life is the fact that Lululemon outlets exist.


You are either rolling your eyes currently or nodding in excitement. But seriously, I bought a reversible moisture-wicking jacket that is great for workouts AND normal life (not like how my other running stuff “works” for normal life because I wear it all the time anyway. This jacket is actually PERFECT and looks like jackets sold at non-athletic stores). And it was…$44!!!! I’m pretty sure that the jacket cost around $750 before (jk $118), so I’m feeling pretty good right now.




Similar one here.


Also, PSA: J. Crew factory stores have FIFTY PERCENT OFF EVERYTHING. You’re welcome. Thank me later by sending me all the things I wanted but didn’t buy. And no, I didn’t walk out empty-handed.

Jewelry tray alert. I’ve always had a thing for the nautical theme, but never more than when I was in college.  I was a member of Delta Gamma, which is all about anchors. You can take the girl out of the sorority, but you — nope, never mind, there’s definitely not much sorority in this girl. But it was the best few years and a great way to spend my time. And let’s just get this out now: there was no hazing. Just real friendship and a crazy house mom. It feels so remote from my life now. I’ve been out of college longer than I was in it. I also probably make more in a month now than I made all year in my part time jobs, yet somehow now I stress more about money than I did then, because savings matter when you are an adult who just wants to travel and eat in her spare time. (PS don’t forget that this paragraph started out talking about a jewelry tray. I <3 tangents.)



I need this book immediately. 30 Rock is the best show of all time — DEFINITIVELY — and I sincerely recommend it to each of you. I can provide references to those I pushed it on. They were not disappointed. Also, if you watch it, you and I will have a special bond for life. Incentive #1.



Fitz got really cuddly on Friday and wanted to nuzzle my mom’s sweater. I had to put a card under his face so he would stop licking her. It ranks among the top 10 ways I might actually die from exposure to cuteness. (I also saw a little boy get a balloon from a waitress Friday. I got to see the moment his face lit up from the surprise. It was magical and OMG BE STILL MY BIOLOGICAL CLOCK.)



In other news, my mother and I went on a HARD CORE TOURIST DAY in the Bay Area. Sausalito is gorgeous and probably where I should retire after I marry rich, or become the THIRD woman president. (I stole that last line from an 11 year old girl character on 30 Rock.)




I’ve been doing a decent job of eating well, but when I see Lappert’s Ice Cream while in in tourist mode, it’s all over. Sea Salt Caramel anything is never not good.




One final IMPORTANT THING found on my day of tourism:






Any good sales coming up? 


But seriously… I just got on the Lululemon train. Who knows other great ways to save on this clothing?


Please immediately send me so-cute-you-might-burst stories and photos and videos. 

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