YouTube videos guaranteed to make my life better (and maybe, like, 20% of yours)

Rural Juror

You know how you like to listen to music in the car or have a spotify playlist on at work? Well, that’s me ALL OF THE TIME with TV. TV is my autopilot. Usually on my iPad, but sometimes via my Blu-Ray player. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Xfinity, whatever. I will watch it. And by “it” I usually mean a 30-minute comedy, specifically 30 Rock but I have range. Sometimes, though, I go on a YouTube binge (kind of like a Wikipedia roll) that keeps me entertained either for 20 minutes or for hours and I end up skipping my evening plans to watch them.

Oh, also, sometimes in the car I listen to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack and sing along, loudly and poorly. One of my favorite bands is Queen, which is rock opera. And my Pandora has John Williams Radio ready to play. So this tv/theater obsession goes beyond the baseline platforms. #credentials

Here are my absolute go-to YouTube videos, and some new discoveries. And son, you should know that my recommendation is essentially a guarantee. Watch these. 

I very much would like you to view this episode of Ghost Bouncers no disrespect. 

Need a new sofa? I hear the Pull-Out King is running a special. 

Mean tweets.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler opening the Golden Globes in 2013.

And 2014. 

And 2015. (Clooney jokes are 2 for 2!)

Stroke of genius. I don’t know how Kristen Wiig does it. 


Bitches be crazy. 

Do you want to feel REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE? Then watch this music video from a former Disney Channel product! (PS I especially like her description. “ATTENTION: I am an actress and performer… I am playing a character in the music video.” That character is super slutty. Whatevz, girl. Embrace.

Enorme, the #1 fragrance for plus size women.

Rock lobster. 

This isn’t YouTube technically, but it is brilliant. You’re doing a great job, Scott. 

This too. Because no one does a Fierstein. (I can’t resist solid impressions.)

Boys will be girls. You may remember this one and the many quotes it provided. (Favorite: “I split a bagel with the trashcan.”)

For my fellow TV encyclopedias, this game. 

Fellow 30 Rockphiles might take interest. 

Mumford & Sons “Hopeless Wanderer”: I’m insulted that no one thought to send this to me when it came out. I LIVE FOR PARODICAL PIECES.


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