Day 4: Freddie Mercury vs Geena Davis

I’ve always had something against Geena Davis, and I’m not sure why. She’s tall like me; she’s famous and I love storing an encyclopedic knowledge of celebrities; she’s seemingly a member of MENSA which I am not (three percentile!!!!!).

Today I complicated my Geena hate more: I realized she looks JUST LIKE one of my all time favorite voices/jumpsuit wears: Freddie Mercury.

It’s all in the teeth. I was watching the documentary/concert “Queen: A Night at the Odeon” tonight when it hit me. Large. Protruding. Lippy environment.

Geena Davis is Freddie Mercury’s mouth twin.

Just nod and smile on this one.

One thought on “Day 4: Freddie Mercury vs Geena Davis

  1. Disagree strongly, freddy’s got some weird pointed-out teeth, geena davis doesn’t. by no means an invalidaton of your geena davis thing, but they do not have the same mouth imho (I’m a ho, no relation to the acronym just wanted to say it)

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