The biggest pending lawsuit will be Trump v. Womankind

I basically never get political (somehow that makes me sound more legit right? Pls say yes), and I realize I’m sharing a buzzfeed post and not something by a more esteemed outlet. But I happened to see this and I felt compelled. 
I keep trying to convince myself that Trump as POTUS can’t possibly be that bad. That his legislation will get blocked in congress. That my rights, at least as a white Christian person, fall under what Trump would protect the most. I could use my privilege to help fight for the ones who will be most negatively affected by him. Right?
But all this is idealistic and false, because I am a woman, and Donald Trump views me as someone whose worth is attached to my sexuality and appearance. Donald Trump will, over time, penetrate congress with people who support his ideas. Today, there is finally a platform for feminist voices to redefine society’s understanding of what constitutes sexual harassment and sexual violence. If Trump is inaugurated in 2017, I am extremely afraid of how I will be treated. And I fear for the rights of those who are also women, or non-white, or non-Christian, or — and I can’t believe I’m saying this — not very good-looking, because even those who don’t fit his definition of beauty will, at the least, be susceptible to bullying if their paths shall ever cross with a President Donald Trump. 
My hope is that finally the business practices of Donald Trump will catch up to him and that this Trump University thing finally is confirmed as a felony-level fraud and he gets put away in prison before taking ownership of the most visible seat in America’s government. I’d write a joke here about hoping someone “takes care of him,” too, but I’m pretty sure that he’ll start reading all social media posts about himself if given that power, and I don’t want him to sue me.  
PS: I really hope no one writes in the comments trying to debate me or say I wasn’t inclusive enough here. I have no idea how to wax political. Pls cut me some slack. Love you!

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