Hi! I’m Amanda, a Seattle-area native living in the SF Bay Area with my husband and two cats.

In college at UCLA, I studied English to become a journalist. I interned at The Hollywood Reporter and was the red carpet interviewer at the 2011 Critics Choice Awards; I spent several months interning on MTV’s Corporate Communications Team, where I worked the carpet at the 2010 VMAs and the 2011 Roast of Charlie Sheen. (I was WAY cooler in college.) But after college, I realized that the stability of a good income was calling my name.

I spent most of my early career recruiting for tech companies, which allowed me to blend two of my most inherent traits: my love of forming genuine connection with someone, and my competitive nature. Plus, my bonuses funded my obsession with travel and trying new things!

This blog was created to be my outlet as I navigate corporate life. I love to keep it real, sharing what I’ve learned about my anxiety, my values, and managing those together. The world has enough stigma about mental health, and it’s time for that to end! I also really enjoy giving a shoutout to the things that make me super happy, like my cats, a great new beauty product, a restaurant, or a travel destination. (PS: I publish twice a week. Mondays are Mental Health & Wellness; Thursdays are fun!) I’ve got a lot of interests and loves, and I love sharing. Thanks for reading it!

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