Vacation without all the hotels

I’ve been on vacation since last Thursday. Now I see why people desperately need to be void of responsibility for brief periods of time. Let’s take a snapshot of my life right now so you can get real jealous.

WHO: my parents, some friends from high school, my cat, my cat’s favorite new toy, and me

 My dad and his friend Lenora (not my mother) who will dance with him

High school friend Mikal’s parents run the pickle booth that we worked last weekend. 

WHAT: the best several days ever, because I literally have done nothing of importance with the exception of paying a toll from when I recently crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. (Ps, did you know that it costs $7? Now there’s a #TrollToll.) I “worked” at Stagecoach country music festival, then went to Disneyland, then relaxed in the pool and watched Seinfeld reruns and went shopping at the best outlets near my parents’ place. Deals like WOAH. I got a pair of Joe’s Jeans that fit perfectly for VERY LITTLE MONEY. Bow down.

The only picture we took at Disneyland, because I have a million in front of the castle from yesteryear.  

For some reason I was genuinely terrified of Splash Mountain even though I can keep my eyes open and hands up on that massive California Screamin’ roller coaster they have. 

WHEN: Over a week, before I start my new job on Monday. Seriously excited.

He’s the most perfect specimen, and he loooooves his toys.  
WHERE: where not? The Palm Desert area, Disneyland, up and down California in my Ford Focus. (Try not to be jealous of my sweet ride.)

Gorgeous sunset in the desert during Stagecoach.  

This is Eric Burdon and a couple of the Animals. Totally killed “House of the Rising Sun.” Such a bucket list moment. 

This has been the best and most refreshing few days of my life. Something about being with your folks and just living life with no commitments has been the most restful time. I highly recommend booking a few weeks between the end of one job and the start of another — completely worth it.
The one thing lacking? Exercise. I have walked a TON but no running, no spinning, no barre/yoga/whatever. It’s just so hot and I don’t belong to a gym. But I have a half marathon, uh, next weekend. Straight up yikes.
I really want to join Equinox. It’s just SO EXPENSIVE. But I think it might be worth it, because I like to work out early and then shower and get ready at the gym before going to work.
Who has an Equinox membership? Is it worth it? What should I know?

Do you normally take a break between jobs?

What do you recommend to rejuvenate before going back to work?

Get out of your head

Don’t get too jealous: I recently started an IMPROV CLASS! I really missed my window of ultimate opportunity when I lived in LA, because they have really esteemed studios like the Upright Citizens Brigade and Groundlings. San Francisco isn’t really where you go for comedy like the big four: NYC, Chicago, Toronto and LA.


This class is so exciting for me in so many ways. First, it’s an obvious means of channeling my creative side. Second, it really pushes me to get out of my head and just DO. I’m a classic overthinker, especially in situations that don’t feel intuitive to me. In improv, you are encouraged to go with the first thing that pops in your head and believe it, while believing the first thing that came into your partner’s head too. Also, the fact that I’m finally taking a class that I’ve wanted to do for so long is SO FREEING because in LA, my job made me feel like I couldn’t pursue a passion area, even though it was on my own time. Basically, I thought that a class that started 1.5 hours AFTER the minimum “clock out” time would make me seem uncommitted. I’m so thankful to be in the Silicon Valley where work/life balance gets such a spotlight.


Ps, not gonna hide another benefit: great place to find people with a similar sense of humor. And if you know me enough, you KNOW I love people who can match my humor. (Sometimes love them too much, sorry.)


I’m taking a class through BATS in SF (they have a satellite class in Palo Alto thankfully).


In more important news, MY NEPHEW IS AN ASTRONAUT:



Yeah, he’s a little space genius. And you’ve never seen a cuter moon boy. Check out his tiny shoes poking out. CAN’T STAND IT, CAN YOU?



Check out this sweet Lululemon sweatshirt I bought for ohhhh just $34. Seriously. Ok, sure, it was used from the Buffalo Exchange on Haight in SF. Check out consignment shops, especially when you’re in cool or nice areas. By the way, am I the only person that wants to make sure EVERYONE can tell it’s Lululemon when I throw down mad skrilla? #shallow


Who has done an improv class before? Where? 


Lululemon fans: how can I possibly make my whole wardrobe lulu for less? 


Please send me cute kid pics!!! (Is that a weird request?!)